“C’est une nana vraiment adorable, tu vas l’adore!”

For Spring/Summer 2024, Lucia Roșca explores essential codes of the house by featuring a singular dress silhouette that elegantly embraces the body, elevated through meticulous craftsmanship, distinctive floral motifs, vibrant colors, and unexpected textures. Drawing inspiration from the bold shapes and liberating spirit of Niki de Saint Phalle’s Les Nanas statues, the limited edition capsule collection introduces fabrics like blue and white cotton jacquard, hot pink cotton and soft pink organza with feathery textures. Additionally, the collection offers an unlimited palette of bespoke options available through the fashion brand’s atelier.



Photography, edit, color grading – Iustin Şurpănelu; Styling – Iulia Sturdza; Make-up – Ioana Roman; Hair – Jo Ionescu; Talent – Paula Letcă; Camera lights assistants – Patricia Preda, Alina Brăcaci; Location – Balls (114 Blvd. Daciei, Bucharest, Romania)


The collection celebrates distinctive Lucia Roşca elements while conveying beauty with purpose, and explores a new narrative about embracing unconventional fearlessness and the full, versatile spectrum of contemporary femininity.

“The starting point for the capsule came from looking at the defining elements of my fashion brand and designs, and showcase them within a single silhouette accessible to all women who appreciate my work and embrace their bodies at every stage. I carefully considered color, texture and print, integrating them into a design that feels modern, romantic, and flattering. Through the use of premium fabrics and a couture-like approach, the designs echo the intimate atelier experience that the brand’s clientele has come to expect.“

The capsule collection was inspired by the artwork of Niki de Saint Phalle, a French-American artist who’s distinctive artistic approach has often been categorized as “outsider art.” Despite lacking formal art education, she engaged openly with numerous contemporaneous artists, writers, and composers. She created Les Nanas, a series of large, colorful and whimsical goddess-like statues depicting archetypal female personas in order to explore women’s roles in society. Named after a French slang word for “chick” or “young girl”, “LES NANAS” dresses aim to infuse womenswear with the same blend of playfulness and contemplation.

“Documenting about de Saint Phalle, I learned that her writings and copious correspondence were characterized by vibrant colors and a childlike aesthetic. However, she fearlessly tackled controversial and pressing global issues throughout her life, such as social injustices, racial segregation, women’s lack of rights, and the stigmatization of people with AIDS, echoing the bold outspokenness often associated with children. There’s a voluptuous joy about her work that feels contagious, blending sensuality with empowerment, and particularly crucial in today’s climate where we need a reminder to embrace life fully, and unapologetically. Only knowledge and authentic expression of self can bring upon radical change in the world.”

The campaign emerged from a series of artistic influences, drawing inspiration from the designer’s personal interests, the whimsy of “Les Nanas” statues, the vibrant aesthetics of Wes Anderson films alongside the melancholic aura of his character Margot Tenenbaum, the inescapable sense of loneliness portrayed in the all-night coffee stand in Edward Hopper’s “Nighthawks” painting, and the eerie surrealism of the Twin Peaks series. It evolves into a study of absurdity through larger-than-life poses set against the backdrop of Ball, an American-style diner in Bucharest, Romania. Channeling the energy of the restaurant, renowned for its embrace of kitsch and camp decor, the campaign serves as a tribute to a peculiar blend of melancholy and liberating femininity.

“By now, it’s no surprise that the collections I produce come from deeply personal experiences. Unlike my previous work, this one deviates from the typical themes of anguish and sorrow that have become familiar in my designs. Instead, it celebrates a phase in my life that transcends pain; one where I embrace being a mature, not so young woman anymore, but still vibrant, more connected to life and self, and with a wicked sense of humor. It also pays tribute to the newfound female friendships I’ve cultivated, particularly those centered around my love for cooking. Lucia Roșca is inextricably inspired by Bucharest, a city both captivating and resilient, where individuals of diverse backgrounds converge, grow, and empower each other in their pursuits. When scouting locations for the ad campaign, it felt natural to reach out to Ala Dumitrache and photograph the dresses at her new restaurant venue. Over the past five years, Balls has become an emblematic establishment in Bucharest – bold yet unpretentious, consistently delivering on its promise of incredibly delicious food. It was an honor to have access to such a remarkable place for our shoot.”

Bespoke and made-to-order

In order to reduce waste and over-production, please bear in mind that we do not produce stocks and prefer to work on a made to order basis, developing every piece individually in our small atelier in Bucharest, Romania, so that the garments fit perfectly and no returns or touch-ups are necessary. This may sometimes lead to a slightly longer delivery time. Measurements and fittings might be required. Any small imperfection is part of the manufacturing process. If you are seeking a NANA dress entirely unique to you, contact us for other fabric choices, including one-of-a-kind or dead stock options available at our studio. Make an appointment for a consultation here or at contact@luciarosca.ro.

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