Lucia Roşca


Lucia Roşca is a young fashion brand based in Bucharest, specializing in ready-to-wear and custom made designs, with a focus on color, daring cuts and fine fabrics.



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DESIGNER’S CHOICE: Chic winter parties

BITTERSWEET Fall/Winter 2019-2020 Collection

Discover the inspiration behind the collection

“As I prepared for a new chapter in my life, I felt very nostalgic and wanted to address this feeling very thoughtfully, not only in regards to my work, but to where fashion is today as well and the fast consumption of clothes it encourages. That’s why, in part, I wanted to bring back some of my previous work, but also a series of clothes that feel timeless and that every single woman aware of her beauty, no matter the biological age, would like to wear, from our mothers to our grandmothers and granddaughters. Because sometimes what is left to share between these generations are melancholy, memories, and clothes.”

– Creative Director Lucia Roşca