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Inspiration behind the collection

The capsule collection was inspired by the artwork of Niki de Saint Phalle, a French-American artist who’s distinctive artistic approach has often been categorized as “outsider art.” Despite lacking formal art education, she engaged openly with numerous contemporaneous artists, writers, and composers. She created Les Nanas, a series of large, colorful and whimsical goddess-like statues depicting archetypal female personas in order to explore women’s roles in society. Named after a French slang word for “chick” or “young girl”, LES NANAS dresses aim to infuse everyday and occasion wear with the same blend of playfulness and contemplation.

“Documenting about de Saint Phalle, I learned that her writings and copious correspondence were characterized by vibrant colors and a childlike aesthetic. However, she fearlessly tackled controversial and pressing global issues throughout her life, such as social injustices, racial segregation, women’s lack of rights, and the stigmatization of people with AIDS, echoing the bold questioning and outspokenness often associated with children. There’s a voluptuous joy about her work that feels contagious, blending sensuality with empowerment, and particularly crucial in today’s climate where we need a reminder to embrace life fully, and unapologetically. Only knowledge and authentic expression of self can bring upon radical change in the world.”

Read more about the story behind the collection here.

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