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With the Spring/Summer 2023 collection the designer was more interested in developing the pieces as ways of communication rather than finite, final products, looking to present the personal language of her work, her vision and the brand’s esthetics, always a fusion of light and darkness, joy and sorrow, and austere and playful, in order to create a dialogue around her work and its references. The starting point was a portrait of an arlequin by Corneliu Baba, that comes up all throughout the collection in details such as ruffled collars, square prints or bouffant volumes.

“As I was researching Romanian painters for the collection, I came upon Corneliu Baba’s ‘Arlequin’. I found myself looking at this incredibly sorrowful portrait and thinking of the honesty of his gaze, its heaviness, but also the relief in his surrender and honesty. I am who I am, I feel what I feel. It helped me look in my own life and let everything just be. The chiaroscuro technique reminded me of my passion for painting when I was a young  girl and I was interested in Byzantine iconography. It made me think of how much darkness is necessary in order for the light to shine through more brightly. It is also something we tried to reproduce in the ad campaign as well.”

Read more about the story behind the collection here.

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