The Spring/Summer 2017 collection is a visual journey through bold colors and effortless designs, ranging from minimal blue cotton dresses with ribbons and pleats, and silk deux-pièces in bright yellow for daytime, to pink synthetic leather dresses and fairy-tale organza gowns for red carpet events.

Though playful and flirtatious, the collection materialized from an unexpected moment in the designer’s life.

“My grandmother passed away a couple of weeks after I had moved into my new studio and left me heavy-hearted. But then her funeral was filled with so much color, I could not avoid it. The flowers were countless. We have this tradition back home to adorn a withered tree with candy, fruits and bright colored paper garlands. It made me think of the Tree of Life and all the small pleasures and joys it holds together. I realized, more than anything else, this was a celebration of someone’s life.” – Lucia Roşca

Each outfit is a reminiscence of that moment, of different elements that caught the eye of the designer. The green dress, with ruffles along the hemline, was the first piece created for the collection and symbolizes the Tree of Life, while the blue cotton dress and the mixed color pieces drew their inspiration from paper garlands used to adorn the tree, which are usually made out of two or more opposing colors. The pink synthetic leather coat and dress were inspired by candy wraps. The two soft pink organza dresses, the most romantic pieces of the collection, are embellished with wide bell ruffled sleeves as a reference to the shape and soft touch of carnations, flowers very common at funerals. Daffodils as well, inspiring the yellow silk deux-pièces.

The ad campaign was shot by photographer Victor Oancea in the Kretzulescu Galleries building, just before being restored for the Art Safari art event that will open on May 19th. It stars model Laura Popescu and was styled by Andreea Leţa.

”Lucia told me the story and I fell in love with it. The idea of not using black for such a powerful and dramatic theme was a big challenge. My mood board consisted of photos of flowers, portraits of Frida Kahlo and representations of Eros and Thanatos. Moreover, the unique, delicate features of our model inspired me to go further, to a precious repertoire, close to my obsession for Dicken’s Miss Havisham – a young and playful version of the lady. It was also an opportunity for me to express some of my personal phobias and fears in an unexpected elegant way.”, recalls Andreea.

“Loss comes with flowers and flowers come with melancholy, and then melancholy is in its turn exorcised with humor and irony. This was the starting point for the ad campaign, and Laura, the model we worked with, exuded so much melancholy and poised introspection. She can be you. She can as well be me, or any of us. Her inner universe is your inner universe is my inner universe: full of colors, strong and at the same time distinct and haunting.”, confesses Lucia.


Photographer: Victor Oancea
Styling: Andreea Leţa
Make-up: Cecilia Rentea
Model: Laura (One Models Agency)
Flowers: Atelier Bloom Bloom
Location: Galeriile Kretzulescu | Art Safari București

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