“I knew who I was this morning, but I’ve changed a few times since then.”
― Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass

With the Spring/Summer 2019 collection, the fashion brand debuts its first ever bridal collection, bringing forth a beautiful limited edition of classic and feminine wedding looks with a romantic and playful Lucia Roşca twist. Respecting classic tailoring and fit, the designs are imagined for present times and reflect a modern bride, focusing on clean silhouettes and lines. Made of precious fabrics such as silk taffetas, tulle and lace, the pieces range from minimalist mini and midi dresses to chic separates and classic floor length gowns. The collection also features head ribbons and a cape.

The designer sought inspiration in her personal life and her relationship, conversations about marriage and the emotions this brought up – love, anxieties, change, wonder and a sense of foreverness.

“I wanted to address the idea of getting married from another perspective. There’s a dress in the collection, a sheer organza mini dress with puffed sleeves and embroidered flowers, that references Alice in Wonderland. As I myself am contemplating marriage, I found myself thinking about it just as Alice in Wonderland, exploring a new world, sometimes charming and full of wonders, sometimes terrifying and filled with uncertainties. But always with a sense of wonder, open, inquisitive and pure. With the eyes of a child. This set the tone for the collection.”


Photographer: Ştefan Avramescu
Styling: Laura Popescu
Make-up: Ioana Roman
Hair: Cristiana Costache
Talent: Alexandra C. (Urbanik Models)
Location: Cuib Studio


The moodboard for the brand’s first bridal collection revolved around photos from the designer’s parents’ wedding, images of Alice in Wonderland, volumes and shapes found in nature, and paintings of French favourites like Diane of Poitiers, Agnes Sorel, and Zoe Talon.

“I love my mother’s wedding dress, and its clean silhouette and pure simplicity have always stayed with me. She shortened it after the wedding and continued to wear it. This was one of things that stood at the core of my first bridal collection – making beautiful simple pieces, that are impeccably tailored and that make sense and are wearable long after the event. This is my definition of a modern bride, who can be both classic and cool. And I love giving my customers more options with their pieces, especially brides, who make a great financial effort for that one single day.”

Alice in Wonderland is one of Lucia’s all-time favourite books. She finds a lot of herself in her journey, because she is not classically trained, she learned everything on her own, so design often feels like something new and full of wonders, but also uncertainties. It’s something Lucia deeply enjoy exploring, but also terrified of at times. Just like marriage.

“One of my best friends gave me a book about favourites for my birthday last year, by Jean des Cars. Favourites were royal mistresses, that more than often influenced the course of history, having a great voice in affairs of state, and being a patron of the arts. They were immensely powerful women and the contrast between this and the manner in which they were depicted in paintings, the Renaissance virginal allure, I found so captivating. And this contradiction translated also in their dresses, being both minimalist and dramatic in lines and shapes, with beautiful embellishments.”

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