FALL/WINTER 2019-2020

“Aching familiar in a way that made me wish I was still eight. Eight was before death or divorce or heartbreak. Eight was just eight. Hot dogs and peanut butter, mosquito bites and splinters, bikes and boogie boards. Tangled hair, sunburned shoulders, Judy Blume, in bed by nine thirty.”⁣

― Jenny Han, It’s Not Summer Without You⁣

For Fall/Winter, the designer revisited some of her previous work and brought back looks from her early beginnings as a designer, pieces that never made it into a collection or some that were too personal, each one about a bittersweet moment in her life, conjuring the same feeling of melancholy. There are pieces designed as a tribute to her late mother, who’s image she revisited through photos of when she was young – a burgundy wool deux-pièces, a pleated olive skirt, a white mini dress with shoulder cut-outs, and a bare back grey kimono dress. There are pieces about love at a mature age like a green chiffon evening dress with pleated top and sleeves, reminiscent of an armor, imposing and melancholic at the same time, which the designer calls “Soldier of love” after one of her favorite songs from Sade, or another light pink dress that sparkles softly and moves with ease, just like early love. There are also new designs, meant to complete these past looks, such as a mint dress draped at the back or a navy wool dress with a checkers print chiffon skirt.

“As I prepared for a new chapter in my life, I felt very nostalgic and wanted to address this feeling very thoughtfully, not only in regards to my work, but to where fashion is today as well and the fast consumption of clothes it encourages. That’s why, in part, I wanted to bring back some of my previous work, but also a series of clothes that feel timeless and that every single woman aware of her beauty, no matter the biological age, would like to wear, from our mothers to our grandmothers and granddaughters. Because sometimes what is left to share between these generations are melancholy, memories, and clothes.” – Lucia Roşca


Photographer: Doinel Ungureanu
Styling: Laura Popescu
Make-up: Doinel Ungureanu
Hair: Cristiana Costache
Shoes: Musette
Talent: Ana-Maria (Urbanik Models)

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