Lucia Roşca is the fashion brand of young independent fashion designer Lucia Alexandra Roşca, based in Bucharest, Romania. She became interested in design in 2010 as a passion and need of artistic expression in her spare time, while working as a Marketing and Communication Strategist for one of the largest Romanian online travel agencies, and officially launched her fashion brand in October 2016. Lucia credits these early years as her formative period, when she learned to construct garments and deliver coherent collections, with powerful story lines and edited esthetics, but also gained valuable marketing and business experience.

In 2015 she helped her friends co-found Picabu, a hip clothing label, for which she acted as Creative Director and managed its brand image. The fashion brand was very well received, appearing in magazines such as Marie Claire Romania and Şapte Seri.

Lucia’s inspiration often comes from her personal life, which always gives her designs a very emotional appeal, and vary from the struggles of every young woman trying to find her place in the world, to family loss and dealing with anxiety.

The 70s, through vivid colors and playful lines, are a constant presence in her collections, as she loves the glamour and exuberance of the disco years. She is also known for very feminine silhouettes, daring cuts, unexpected textures and fine fabrics, and enjoys working closely with her clients, elaborating exquisite custom-designed pieces in her cozy studio in downtown Bucharest.