Fall/Winter 2015-2016

Mother’s lullaby

The collection marks a new approach in the young designer’s creative evolution, as the pieces are more refined, fine tailored, and mature than her previous work. It is a tribute to her late mother, who’s image she revisited through photos of when she was a young lady. The sharp lines, clean cuts and color palette are reminiscent of the sophisticated, sometimes somber, mid 70s, early 80s in Romania. The pieces vary from day-to-day designs, such as a burgundy linen deux-pieces, a pleated olive skirt and a mini white dress with shoulder cout-outs, to evening wear, where the bare back and kimono inspired dresses can easily fit also into day wear.

“I wanted to create a series of clothes that my mother would have worn, and every single woman who is aware of her beauty, no matter the biological age. This collection was sort of a coming-of-age, when I finally felt I reached an artistic and emotional maturity. “